Supreme Gear Resells For Hundreds Of Dollars. So Why Are People Burning It?

For some of Supreme’s most die-hard fans, the highly coveted garments exist solely in their closets. Supreme’s box-logo tees, the Birkin bags of skatewear, are treated with the sort of care and attention typically given to a wedding dress – vacuum sealed and tucked away for safekeeping. The protective impulse makes sense: Supreme’s hyped and limited collaborations often get flipped for 10 times their selling price, creating serious profit for resellers and casual fans alike. So why are Supreme fans filming themselves burning or destroying their tees with scissors and hot irons and posting the clips to YouTube and Instagram? This bizarre brand of content is self-consciously silly and plays like a 2020 update of MTV’s slapstick prank show Jackass. But are these savage, costly destructions an anti-capitalist statement, Gen-Z nihilism or simply a shameless play for clicks? Read more at The Guardian.