Supreme Still Makes One Of The Best Suits On The Planet

by MR Magazine Staff

Earlier this week, Supreme released the lookbook and photo preview for its forthcoming spring-summer 2019 collection. As expected, there is an eccentric array of wares: loudly colored outerwear, perplexing graphic tees, logo-heavy goods, and even leopard-print underwear. But Supreme always has a few less-expected tricks up its sleeve—and this season that means a notch-lapel plaid suit in a warm, cinnamon-y shade of red. This isn’t Supreme’s first foray into suiting—far from it. In previous years, the streetwear juggernaut has collaborated with a number of sartorial-focused brands and designers, as well as putting out its own in-house take on the suit. Just last year, Supreme released a breezy springtime suit in two wavy colors: salmon and green. (Tyler, the Creator wore it with flying colors.) Going back a few years, in 2014, Supreme teamed up with Brooks Brothers on seersucker blazers and matching trousers. In 2011, the company partnered with culty menswear designer Adam Kimmel on an unlined two-button suit jacket and pant, both made from Italian cotton twill. Supreme may be best known for its box-logoed T-shirts and sweatshirts, but the brand clearly has a soft spot for suiting. Read more at GQ.