Is Sustainable Fashion Completely Pointless?

by MR Magazine Staff

With freak weather becoming ever more frequent and scientific evidence continuing to pile up, irrefutably proving that humans are completely trashing the planet, the only people who don’t believe that we need to take drastic action to save our ecosystem from total destruction are fringe lunatics who believe Jesus was friends with dinosaurs and employees of the Trump administration – although many would argue that there’s a high degree of crossover between the two. While it has been long-known that plastic packaging, fossil fuels and meat farming are all major contributors to our eco-suicide, it’s only recently that the fashion industry has come under scrutiny – and it’s about time. According to Ecowatch, fashion is the world’s second-biggest polluter, outdone only by big oil. But because we can’t visibly see noxious fumes pluming out of our wardrobes and billowing up towards the atmosphere to tear the ozone layer a new one, the industry manages to evade criticism whilst murdering us quietly. Thankfully, these uncomfortable truths have bubbled to the surface and a growing corner of the industry is paying ever-greater attention to sustainability and ethical production practices. Read more at Highsnobiety.