by Stephen Garner

TejenSustainable fine jewelry collection Tejen is launching its men’s collection. The V.02 “IONIC” Collection for men features designs made in 18k fair-mined palladium gold and fair-mined premium silver. Each bold piece features Tejen’s signature logo facet and inspired fluting – a subtle connection to its V.02 women’s collection.

Co-founders Mark Kroeker and Isabel Encinias launched Tejen earlier this year, premiering with a minimalist collection made with 18k fair-mined gold and ethically sourced diamonds for men and women. With price ranges from $1,295 to $3,720 for the gold jewelry and $495 to $1,245 for the silver jewelry, the men’s collection is currently available at Grange Hall in Dallas, Texas and online.

We recently caught up with Kroeker and Encinias on what inspired them to launch men’s and what’s working well for the brand.

Q: What was the inspiration for this new men’s collection?

Encinias: We launched Tejen in January premiering a minimalist collection of fine jewelry made of 18K Fair-mined gold and ethically sourced diamonds – a selection of these pieces to be worn by both women and men. We were pleasantly surprised to find men gravitating towards Tejen’s architectural volumes (inspired by ancient scripts, hieroglyphs and a juxtaposition of ancient / modern) and becoming some of our top clients.

Kroeker: This validation inspired us to address the growing demand for men’s fine jewelry and create a collection specifically with them in mind. The V.02/The “Ionic” Collection features fair-mined palladium gold and premium silver for men. Minimalist volumes are bolder and stronger.

TejenQ: What’s working well for the brand?

Kroeker: Tejen’s “less is more” aesthetic – unique, minimal pieces and our focus on creating luxury product in a sustainable footprint.

Q: What types of retailers can we find the premium silver collection or is sold only online?

Encinias: The new collection will be available this fall at the following retailers (to date): Grange Hall in Dallas; Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC; and online.

Q: What’s up next for Tejen in the men’s category?

Encinias: We are continuing to explore sustainable materials…experimenting with color. Our collections build upon the previous aesthetic ensuring that each new piece can work back seamlessly with the last.