Take A Tour Of Canada’s Coolest (And Friendliest) Menswear Store

Menswear boutiques have a tendency to take themselves seriously—sometimes a little too seriously—treating their wares like fine art and their customers with a distant regard. But the vibe at Lost & Found, which has been serving up hot garms on Toronto’s West End for a decade now, couldn’t be warmer, friendlier, or any less snooty. For all the top-shelf goods they carry—elite grails from The Real McCoy’s and Margaret Howell; bench-made boots from Alden and Viberg; relaxed workwear from Battenwear and Engineered Garments—a visit to Lost & Found feels like dropping in at a friend’s apartment, complete with a cushy leather couch to sink into and a great cup of coffee on offer. The shop’s tagline is Let’s Be Pals!, its mascot is an adorable pup named Morty, and its Instagram Stories are populated with a running gag involving store manager Michael Fong and a fake beard filter. Read more at GQ.