Target Doubles Down On Retail’s ‘Mini Me’ Moment, Lines Up More Small-Format Stores

by MR Magazine Staff

Target is upping its bet that less is more, just as other retailers these days flirt with mini-me strategies. The cheap-chic discounter solidified its commitment to its higher-sales-generating, small-format stores with three upcoming Seattle locations, following consumers migrating to urban and dense suburban areas with an edited shopping model tailored to local communities that serves demographic and psychographic archetypes — from college students and young families to empty nesters. Target’s push is emblematic of a trend spanning a range of retailers, including beauty merchant Sephora, department store Kohl’s (whose smaller stores are more profitable) and Whole Foods’ lower-priced 365 grocery format, as merchants work to wring more business in a retail landscape redrawn by e-commerce. Read more at Forbes.