Target Joins Retail Push To Use Augmented Reality To End Headache Of Buying Big Home Goods

by MR Magazine Staff

Like Lowe’s and Ikea before it, Target is tapping the magic of augmented reality to bypass one pesky law of physics that can make buying home goods a real headache. While two objects (or sofas) cannot occupy the same space at the same time in the real world, they can in AR’s parallel universe. Target shoppers can now see how a new love seat would look in their very own living room without having to budge that seen-better-days settee. The cheap-chic discounter launched “See It In Your Space,” a new augmented reality feature on its mobile website, whereby shoppers place three-dimensional versions of Target home products onto photos of actual rooms in their home. Items can be moved around at accurate scale, enabling shoppers to envision how they would look — all before buying the product. “See It In Your Space” takes on the inherent challenges of buying home goods, which, by nature, are bulky and shoppers can’t try out in their intended environment: the home. Read more at Forbes.