by Stephen Garner
Maurizio Donadi

Taylor Stitch has teamed up with Maurizio Donadi— friend and founder of Los Angeles-based Atelier & Repairs – to work his magic on a new collaboration.

“The beauty of our collaboration with Taylor Stitch was not only about re-thinking staple styles in one man’s wardrobe but also in their commitment to reduce inventory excess in the most relevant way possible,” said Donadi. “Not by discarding, but by reengineering their original design proposition.”

Donadi describes Atelier & Repairs’ business model as “100 percent Transformation”; through the salvage, repurpose, and bold reimagining of dead-stock, damaged, and otherwise discarded garments and materials. “Waste Less, Reimagine More,” reads the sign outside its headquarters, and that exhortation is central to its philosophy and purpose. Donadi has transformed these classic staples into statement centerpieces, resulting in a truly unique capsule collection that breathes fresh life into familiar gear.

Each piece in the collaborative collection (The Jack in Everyday Oxford $195, The Chino $220) will be embellished with archival fabrics and undergone a softening wash to achieve the look and feel of a treasured vintage find. A pop of color here, some subtle texture there—it all adds up to a one-of-a-kind piece that’s easy on the environment and impossible to ignore.

The Atelier & Repairs and Taylor Stitch capsule collection is now available for pre-order with plans to ship by October.