by Stephen Garner

For years, Taylor Stitch has been working hard to be the most responsible brand around. From adopting recycled packaging to shifting toward nearly 100 percent organic cotton across its entire range of products, the San Francisco-based menswear brand evolved and rebuilt its business entirely from the ground up with the planet’s health in mind.

Today, Taylor Stitch is taking its responsibility initiative one step further with a formal pledge to work toward net zero emissions. “We’ve officially teamed up with our logistics partner Flexport and e-commerce platform Shopify to offset carbon emissions resulting from both shipments to customers and trans-Pacific freight from our factories,” the company said in a press release. “So far, these programs have already offset more than 382 metric tons of carbon, and with your support, that number will keep growing.”

Michael Armenta and Michael Maher, co-founders of Taylor Stitch

To celebrate the carbon offsets pledge, Taylor Stitch is unveiling a brand new responsibility page on its website to keep its customers informed about its products and practices. This is where customers can go to learn more about its materials, its factories, its footprint, and its principles by way of its “Five Pillars of Responsibility.”

The company said that the website is still a work in progress, but “it’ll steadily evolve as we continue to refine and expand our efforts, so stay tuned.” Concluding that, “We’re incredibly proud of everything we’ve accomplished with the help of our customers, industry collaborators, and media partners so we hope you take the responsibility page as intended: a celebration of our shared successes and a renewal of our promise to Protect Wild, Forever.”