Teens Feel ‘Misunderstood’ — And It’s Destroying Mall Anchors

by MR Magazine Staff

Retailers are clamoring to figure out how to appeal to teens. But it seems that some of their attempts may be lost. When Business Insider polled 110 teens to find what they like and don’t like about retail, we found out that more than a third — a whopping 39.25% — feel like retailers do not understand them. Only 41.12 % said they did feel understood. The remaining teens polled selected “other,” and it was pretty clear that they felt conflicted about today’s retailers. Further, this general feeling of being misunderstood raises a point that some retailers — perhaps teen brands that ruled the malls in the early aughts and late ’90s — keep misfiring with teens, and this very well may be why. Read more at Business Insider.