The 10 Fashion Shows Of The 21st Century That Define The Menswear Zeitgeist Today

by MR Magazine Staff

Fashion is supposed to be fast, just like financial markets are supposed to be efficient, but that’s not really the case. What we wear today did not materialize today, or even yesterday, even in our Internet age. It takes a lot of time for information – such as the change in silhouette and volume – to trickle down from the catwalk to the masses, to be internalized and normalized by them. This is especially true for menswear, since we still have to grapple with the atavistic view that pretending not to care about how we look is supposed to signify our masculinity. But, guess what, that “wacky” fashion victim who was once mocked for wearing jeans deemed too skinny definitely had the last laugh. See more at Highsnobiety.