The 50 Holy Grails of Modern Menswear

Men’s fashion is as big and exciting right now as it’s ever been. Which makes it the perfect time to take a look at some of the legendary pieces from fashion history that got us here.

We’re living in a particularly great moment in menswear, and not just for the obvious reasons. Yes, the big fashion brands are devoting more creativity and resources than ever to the once-staid category. And yes, we’ve never had a more robust and interesting tier of independent designers, mavericks, and visionaries reinventing the business. But more than all that, there’s a new cause for excitement: A thriving network of fresh subcultures are developing around men’s style, demonstrating that fashion isn’t merely about what you buy and wear—it’s something you can participate in, something with layers of meaning and history that rewards those who lean in for a closer look. The archival scene—an informal network of vintage-fashion dealers, collectors, and superfans—has turned the masterpieces of collections past into wearable, even essential, pieces of the menswear universe of the present. Read more at GQ.