The Age Of ‘Silent Streetwear’ Is Upon Us

Streetwear is far from dead. Anyone stating otherwise hasn’t opened their eyes to a reality where the once clear distinctions between the design aesthetics and business models of OG streetwear labels, and those of luxury and fast fashion brands — looking to make a quick buck by appropriating streetwear’s sartorial codes — no longer exist. The resulting homogenized men’s fashion landscape has been this way for years. What is true, is that the form of “streetwear,” as it’s perceived by the mainstream media and shopper, is partially about to change. That’s if it’s up to the influential consumers who drive trends. Read more at Highsnobiety.

One Reply to “The Age Of ‘Silent Streetwear’ Is Upon Us”

  1. This is not a surprise. After several seasons of LOGOMANIA, the polar opposite should present a nice opportunity. Luxury consumers shouting “hey look at me” when many are struggling would be quite tone-deaf and elicit backlash. I personally look forward to fashion being priced and marketed by quality, value and design over label and mark.

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