by Stephen Garner

NYC-based outerwear brand The Arrivals has returned to SoHo this holiday season with its latest concept pop-up shop. Founded in 2014 by entrepreneur Kal Vepuri and former architect Jeff Johnson, The Arrivals’ latest concept marks its fourth seasonal pop-up shop, partnering this season with soon-to-launch Brooklyn-based experiential shop Early Spring.

Together, the brand’s conceptualized the 2,000-square-foot retail space to create the Out There Lab. Inspired by the concept that industrialization and technology have led human beings to spend more time indoors, the Out There Lab will serve as an institution that provides the tools and knowledge to blur the lines between the individual and the elements ultimately empowering humans to get back #OutThere.

Upon entering, customers will be drawn to the gallery-like space with highly visible, textured structures displayed alongside the latest pieces from The Arrivals’ latest collection “Release 6.O – Oasis.” As guests walk through the store, they will experience various sensory environments of weather-specific elements such as sun, snow, and rain, paired with products in each category. The store will carry exclusive, in-store only items, as well as best-sellers such as the Moya and Odin, and the debut of the brand’s latest knitwear accessories and eyewear. Prices range from $225-$1295 for outerwear, $45-$95 for layerables, and $18-$195 for eyewear and accessories.

The pop-up will also showcase an additional curation of partner brands throughout the space including Blunt Umbrellas, Fates New York, By Humankind, Astronaut Food, and Hypno.

Co-founder and creative director Jeff Johnson compares the brand’s latest concept venture as, “A reimagination of a community resource center in the near future. Playful yet performative, it is the last stop for explorers to stock up on equipment and gain valuable insight from seasoned guides to face the elements of the omitted Out There.”

Located at 26 Mercer Street, the pop-up will remain open through February 2020.