The Art Of Selling Scent In The Internet Age

by MR Magazine Staff

Last year, 31-year-old Baptiste Bouygues left his career working for luxury fashion labels to join forces with his mother, Marie-Lise Jonak, to create a line of perfumes called Ormaie based in Paris and made entirely from sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients. As they began their journey, it became clear to them that they would not only have to develop expertise as perfumers, but also as bottle-makers. Beautifully crafted bottles have always been a key part of the customer’s experience with perfume, but in the digital age, where people would discover their products online, the vessel has acquired new importance. “As a child, I remember how much my mother loved the bottle of Chanel No. 5,” Bouygues says. “Now, more than ever, making perfume is just as much about creating a physical object as it is about olfactory alchemy.” Read more at Fast Company.