The Beauty Of A Billboard In The Age Of Instagram

by MR Magazine Staff

More than 180 years after the first large-scale outdoor advertisements made their debut in New York City in 1835, billboards are proving a particularly popular tool for advertisers, an interesting development at a time when non-traditional mediums, such as native advertising and social media influencers reign supreme. 1 in 4 Americans has posted an image of an outdoor ad on Instagram, according to a 2017 study from market research firm Nielsen. “That is higher than almost any other advertising traditional media – TV, radio, print, or digital banner ad,” Fast Co. added. Billboards have remained a steady tactic for advertising since their early days, whether they are promoting Ringling Brothers circuses, as some of the very first ones did in the 1830’s, or selling underwear and denim, as so many of the prominently-placed Calvin Klein billboards aim to do. However, a new spike in attention to – and more importantly, interaction with – this form of advertising has marketers doubling down on the merits of this otherwise “old news” form of communication. Read more at The Fashion Law.