The Best Shampoo For Men With Thinning Hair

by MR Magazine Staff

From pills to plasma injections to transplants, you’ve got a bunch of options for treating and preventing hair loss. (Side note: We also strongly endorse skipping it altogether and just embracing your Power Donut.) Regardless of how you decide to approach your receding hairline, if you do anything at all, one of the best defenses—at any age, and at any stage of loss—is the right hair care regimen. The right shampoo can slow down recession and thinning, while others can even maximize the potential of the hair you still have (give it a fuller appearance). So, which shampoos will serve you best? We tested a ton of them so that we could answer that question. Some of these stimulate circulation and promote healthy growth, some block hair-suffocating DHT, and some are adept at adding volume to the hair you’ve already got. So, stop scratching your head on the matter and peruse this list—surely one of them is best for your particular case. See more at GQ.