The Biggest Things We Learned From Vintage Fashion Collector David Casavant’s Reddit AMA

by MR Magazine Staff

Stylist and fashion archivist David Casavant is known for lending out his impressive collection of vintage Raf Simons and Helmut Lang to the likes of Kanye West, Rihanna, Travis Scott, and Lady Gaga. His collection includes the covetable “Riot Riot Riot” camo bomber from Simons’ FW01 collection, which features an image of missing former Manic Street Preachers guitar player Richey Edwards shortly after he’d carved the words “4 REAL” into his arm in front of a horrified music journalist in 1991. Casavant helped establish the Simons jacket as a bona fide grail, with one bomber selling for $47,000 on Grailed in 2018. Following the opening of his online store, Archive Club, Casavant hit Reddit’s AMA subreddit to field questions about his collection, the relevance of vintage clothes to modern menswear, and to share advice with budding collectors. Read more at Highsnobiety.