The Black Tux Holiday
by Stephen Garner
The Black Tux HolidayThe Black Tux HolidayThe Black Tux HolidayThe Black Tux HolidayThe Black Tux HolidayThe Black Tux Holiday
Online rental tuxedo company The Black Tux has launched its first-ever Holiday Collection. The new collection aims to help customers dress their best for either the office holiday party or their big New Year Eve’s bash, when the occasion calls for formal but fun, and nothing in the closet will do.

The Holiday Collection includes eight options that are more than your standard black and navy tuxedo, inviting the wearer to flex their sartorial muscle. Styles include a Blackwatch plaid jacket, a dusty rose shawl collar tuxedo, and black grosgrain detailed tuxedo to name a few.

“Holiday in particular is the right time of year to experiment with bolder looks: there’s a long tradition of dressing slightly out of bounds as the year comes to a close and a steady march of festivities—family, social, and workplace events—provides a canvas for trying something new,” says Andrew Blackmon, co-founder of The Black Tux.

“Renting shouldn’t be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ experience, and that applies to style, too,” he continues. “We do the classic black and white tuxedo right, but that’s only the beginning of what formalwear can be. Our primary objective for this new collection was to show that rentals can be fashionable and allow plenty of opportunity to dress creatively.”