The Bow Tie Can Set You Free With Tastefulness. But This Is Not A Tasteful Time

The Oscars is usually a night to celebrate fashion. It’s not often a night for fashion to be forgotten. And yet, here we are. What will be remembered is Will Smith slapping another adult on live TV, not his “Wild Wild West”-adjacent three-piece suit or the fact that he didn’t even bother with a bow tie. This was an Oscars where a moment tailor-made for a professional wrestling match somehow made the clothes feel inessential. Timothée Chalamet didn’t even wear a shirt! But after Chris Rock got clocked in the face even that feels kind of beside the point. There is surely some meaning to be found in the clothes. Bow ties might seem conservative, but maybe we could all stand to be a bit more grounded right now. Read more at Los Angeles Times.