The Brain Behind Band Of Outsiders Is Back

by MR Magazine Staff

Scott Sternberg, the founder and longtime designer of Band of Outsiders, is making his long-awaited return to the world of menswear. In a video posted online Tuesday, he announced the launch of Entireworld, a new line of familiarly off-kilter Sternberg basics. Which would be joyful news on its own, were it not followed up with this even better morsel: Entireworld’s first drop releases on April 2nd. That’s right: you’ll be able to buy new gear—with nothing costing more than $95—from the designer of an iconic American brand next Monday. We last heard from Sternberg back in June of 2015, when he posted a goodbye message to the Band of Outsiders Instagram account. The news that Band, which Sternberg had started in 2004 as a small line of ties and shrunken dress shirts, would be closing shocked the fashion world; over that decade, he’d grown it into an influential, seemingly successful, and infectiously fun brand. And while Band changed hands (it still exists, oddly enough), Sternberg has been largely silent since. His voice has been missed. As the menswear pendulum began its long, inexorable swing toward all streetwear, all the time, Sternberg’s vision—of a world where guys could dress up, but have fun with it, or where “’70s influence” meant a skinny tie, not aggressive pearl-based embroidery—felt all the more essential. Read more at GQ.