The Brands And Cultural Pioneers Shaping Youth Culture

Influence is changing, both its meaning and who’s driving it. The old gatekeepers of authority — traditional media, big retailers, and celebrities — no longer hold the same power they had before the world stood still, following the global COVID-19 outbreak and the rise of BLM movements in all corners of the world. We’ve allowed our evolved beliefs, values, and the causes we rally behind, to be more publicly visible as we’ve prioritized the collective good over individual opinion. As a direct result, many of us are now shifting our time, attention, and subsequently our dollars towards those driving real change that benefits the greater good and make us grow as individuals. As seen in our inaugural The NEXT 20 last quarter, the innovators in the list define youth culture at this point in time, whether it be through fashion, music, entertainment, art, activism, or other creative disciplines. These personalities and brands can be both emerging or established but are selected on their current resonance with youth culture. They write their own rules and serve as an early look into where society is heading culturally next. Read more at Highsnobiety.