The Complexities Of Pricing Responsibly Made Clothing

by MR Magazine Staff

Designer Maggie Hewitt didn’t exactly set out to make expensive clothes. When the New Zealand native graduated from fashion school and started her label Maggie Marilyn, she was focused on creating in such a way that every person or animal or plant involved in the making of her line was treated gently. She also set out to make beautiful clothes from high-quality materials. The result is that she was swooped up by Net-a-Porter as her first-ever stockist, got shortlisted for the LVMH Prize just months later and was sold in almost every major luxury retailer by the time her brand was a year old. Although the buzz was exciting, the wholesale infrastructure meant a bigger and bigger markup was being added to Maggie Marilyn pieces before they were sold to customers. Eventually, Hewitt began to question the system. Read more at Fashionista.