The Conscious Consumerism Movement Is Stalling—And I Know Why

by MR Magazine Staff

I’m waiting patiently in line at the fish counter of my local Whole Foods. Two customers ahead of me are standing at opposite ends of the counter, bridging the space between with friendly grocery store banter. As they chat, the man points toward one of the rows of fish in the case. The woman shakes her head and politely explains that his selection contains way too much mercury. He points toward another, but it’s “full of carcinogens.” “For real?” he mumbles in disbelief. It’s his turn to shake his head, as he walks away without any fish in his basket. This guy was trying to do the right thing. He was in a health-conscious store, trying to purchase a healthy option for dinner. And yet, he left feeling incapable of making a choice that actually was a good one. Read more at Fast Company.