The Death Of Streetwear Culture Is A Class Issue

Recently, a friend referred me to a Twitter thread by Russ Bengtson, former editor at Complex and Slam magazines, and an OG sneakerhead (Bengtson has gotten off Twitter last week). It began with a brief analysis of Virgil Abloh’s tenure at Louis Vuitton, correctly noting that Virgil was good at generating hype by giving people an elevated version of what they already had, ending with a lament for the death of streetwear culture at the hands of the corporatized release and resale market on the one side, and the monied consumer on the other. The entire thing is worth a read, though the pointed criticism of your average rich hypebeast whose only measure of value is price is already familiar. But there was an underlying subject in that rant that often goes if not unnoticed, then undiscussed, and that is worth consideration. Read more at HighSnobiety.