The end of the necktie and the last stylish man

I own 80 ties. They fall into various categories. About a quarter of them are Hermès, mostly inherited from my late father and uncle, both avid collectors. They went in for little animals, so these run mainly to foxes, donkeys, ostriches, lovebirds and the like. Some of them, like me, date from the 1970s. Also from my father, I have three or four lovely madras numbers, now a little tattered, from ancient American brands Robert Talbott and Bergdorf’s. Somewhere along the line I’ve picked up various classics, in dots and paisley, from British makers like Bowring Arundel. Read more at Financial Times.

4 Replies to “The end of the necktie and the last stylish man”

  1. I don’t know. I read and hear all the stories about the death of neckwear, but so far, I am pretty often in the position of having to chase more ties, having exceeded my modestly ambitious expectations. We still have MANY clients that love the ties we offer, and come ion to JUST buys (we never let that HAPPEN, of course). The tie at work has been going away, I get that, but otherwise….for funerals, weddings, big events…or for people in the financial planning business and most attorneys, there is still a serious regard for ties. I see nothing to make me cautious, here, any more than any other area.

  2. The fashion industry, like many things, is inherently cyclical. The necktie has had myriad ebbs and flows and will continue to do so, without ever completely dying. For sure we are at a low point now, but ties will rebound as they always do. Each successive generation eschews the style of their parents, e.g. grunge and casual followed a long dress-up cycle. So perhaps the next generation of young men will want to wear neckties precisely because their fathers’ didn’t. It is always darkest before the dawn.

  3. For me its TIMELESS ELEGANCE. There is nothing like seeing a gentleman wearing a tie! Honestly I have not seen my neckwear business go down.. keeping it limited and extraordinary helps also. A tie can elevate the entire persona and makes one look twice.. it’s the little things!
    Be that gentleman. It’s nice to see them.

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