The Fastest-Growing Brands On StockX Prove Resale Is Diversifying

StockX has shared its mid-year 2021 report on resale culture and emerging trends in the secondary market. In line with StockX’s findings over the past 18 months, the growth of female users was once again a big topic. Similarly, StockX highlighted the fastest-growing brands on its platform, showing just how diverse the resale landscape is becoming. Following the start of the pandemic, each new StockX user was 2 times as likely to be a woman, according to the data. Additionally, the demographics got even more diverse over the past 12 months, as there was a 100 percent increase in non-US buyers. Around 70 percent of the platform’s users are still under the age of 35, however, the number of consumers in the bracket 45 and over has increased by 90 percent, showing that some older heads are starting to get more involved. Read more at Highsnobiety.