The Future Of Retail: Brick-And-Mortar Shopping Is Not Dead

by MR Magazine Staff

Fourpost wants to lead the way for retail 2.0. Brick-and-mortar shopping, the startup argues, is not dead, just different. Mark Ghermezian, founder and CEO, raised $5 million for Fourpost from Social Capital and execs at a slew of popular consumer brands, like Warby Parker CEO Dave Gilboa and Parachute founder Ariey Kaye, to build a company that combines community with retail, bringing the archaic mall model into the new age of experiential shopping. “Today, brands are demanding better options for brick and mortar,” he says. “The industry has not kept pace with modern retail. We built Fourpost to completely re-architect the process by building a community and breathing fresh air into what has been a stale industry between landlords and brands for hundreds of years.” This November they launched their first two locations — the Mall of America in Minnesota and West Edmonton Mall in Alberta Canada; both of which are iconic examples of old-fashion retail and some of the largest malls in North America. Read more at Forbes.