The Hefty Price Tag Of Going Retail

by MR Magazine Staff

The rise of e-commerce comes as no surprise in the 21st century, when consumers can purchase almost anything virtually with a single click of a button. Brands have utilized this shift in consumer behavior, pumping up their online presence through websites and social media channels. Yet, some brands still aspire to put their products on shelves, and for good reason: Actually seeing, touching and testing products before buying them has no substitute in the online realm. However, behind brightly lit counters and elaborate visual merchandising is an elusive story of how products end up on display in outlets. As a branding and marketing consultant, I advise and manage a lot of beauty and skincare clients. One of the key desires of clients in the beauty industry is to be seen on the shelves of big retailers. The desire to go retail is understandable, but there is a lack of information on the arduous process of putting products on shelves. The aim of this article is to help businesses make more accurately calculated decisions regarding their product distribution. Read more at Forbes.