The High-Fashion Nightshirt Is Menswear’s Answer To The ‘Nap Dress’

In Love Me Tender, the 1956 western starring Elvis Presley, the King of Rock and Roll can at one point be spotted wearing a men’s nightshirt. His bare feet peeking from the bottom of the long, loose gown, Presley makes the nightgown look cool in a way that, say, Ebenezer Scrooge never quite managed. Fast-forward to 2020 and the men’s nightshirt might have been replaced by tracksuit bottoms – or, let’s face it, threadbare boxers – but the loud arrival of the ‘Nap Dress’ in womenswear might mean it’s time you pulled your out of that chest of grandfather’s clothes you keep in the attic. Last week the New YorkerElle, and The Cut all declared that we are living in the age of the Nap Dress or Daytime Nightgown: a floaty garment best thrown on for luxurious afternoon dozing. At a time when many of us feel like ghostly figures floating around our homes all day and struggling to sleep at night, it is the perfect dainty-slouchy, daytime-nighttime, home-outdoor-wear hybrid. Read more at Esquire.