The Inscrutable Hypebeast Cool Of Lil Jupiter’s Instagram

by MR Magazine Staff

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of Instagram accounts that will gladly serve your timeline a gumbo of custom sneakers, high-fashion runway shots, limited-edition collaboration sneakers, pop-culture ephemera, outlandish Photoshops, rapper paparazzi shots, and, mostly, more sneakers, but every day some three hundred thousand people entrust this duty to @liljupiterr. The account is run semi-anonymously by a twentysomething New York City man who grew up in Washington Heights. The feed showcases a post-normcore streetwear sensibility; seemingly, anything goes. Kanye West predominates, as does Nike and the work of the designer Virgil Abloh. Demna Gvsalia’s Balenciaga creations and Prada’s neon revival get love, too. But the feed doesn’t help all these things make sense together. Each post contains just a photo, maybe a video—almost none have captions. An adjacent account might be tagged, but the tag is just a clue, not an explanation. Read more at The New Yorker.