The Latest Trend In Menswear Is…Gardening?

Fall’s most improbably sought-after outfit is the “Garden Gi,” a pair of trousers and a kimono-style jacket. The $330 set—made by Cactus Store, a succulent shop in Los Angeles—looks like a modified martial arts uniform with extra pockets for packing seeds and toting trowels. The martial-arts connotations arose quite organically. Carlos Morera, Cactus Store’s co-founder, based the Gi sets on the jujitsu uniform he wears while gardening. Cactus Store partnered on the design with Los Angeles’s Shoyoroll, which makes such uniforms. After being released in three colors in early October, the Gi sets sold out nearly instantly. “It was a little crazy,” confessed Mr. Morera’s fellow co-owner Max Martin. “We didn’t expect it.” Perhaps he should’ve seen it coming: Gardening has emerged as a hot hobby among younger, Instagram-obsessed generations. “It’s sort of a movement,” said Spencer Ramirez, 27, the owner of Mount Sunny, an acupuncture and wellness studio in Phoenix, who has watched his friends proudly post their cactuses and houseplants to social media. Read more at The Wall Street Journal.