The Leverage Wants To Be The Next Global Conglomerate In Menswear

Despite how many brands across the fashion spectrum react to the current changes and constraints, it is not a time to take adaptation for granted. What is apparent, is that the obvious challenges leave space to conceive new purpose and meaning in the reality of our time. In a word, a time of transition can also be a time of invention and opportunity. Making positive changes to reflect on the past and react to them as we enter into a fresh trajectory. More profoundly, developing a brand in 2020 and beyond, will most certainly prove to be the survival of the fittest. In reviewing brands today, I try and watch every aspect of their business strategy. Now, more than ever, is time to pull the curtain back and dig deep with research into manufacturing, logistics and operations. For starters, I think that creating a retooled brand community is more than a marketing strategy. In fact, for many emerging designers across the USA, it is necessary with respect to product development —while being so interactive with the customer base. Read more at Forbes.