The Look Book Goes to New York Fashion Week

We chatted with guests at Collina Strada’s show at the Angelika.

Glorya Grah, Student, Flatbush 

What do you do aside from school?
I’m a stylist. I’ve been calling myself that since October. Basically, last summer was my toxic-party-girl phase. I made this rapper friend, and we were just sitting at her house, and she was fretting because she had nothing to wear to her performance. And I was like, “You literally have white fur Demonias in your closet. What are you talking about?” I put an outfit together for her, and she tagged me on her Instagram Story. I put “stylist” in my bio and said my fee was $65. Then I got a message from someone asking if I could style them for the Governors Ball. And then another person messaged me. I’m like, Okay, bet! Read more at New York Magazine Curbed.