The Many Maisons Of Men’s Fashion Recount The Natural And Fantastic Habitats Of Menswear

The sound of a silver undertow, the vision of its light breath: the only possible discourse surrounding the stages narrating men’s fashion for spring-summer 2025 is in the words of David Bowie’s Sound and Vision and in the farewell from Dries Van Noten, who closed out a 40 year-long career with a reference to his past, leaving us to reflect on the eternal return to the self. The models from his first runway show in 1991 and those that, in the dissonances of beauty, have marked the designer’s aesthetic, the sartorial sketch that digresses into the translucent, postmodern poetry of nylon, stopping to pick wildflowers and windblown leaves, the alchemy of gold; a depot in the outskirts to contain this microcosm, almost preserving it as if it were an archive to draw from whenever needed. Read more at Elle Decor (Italy).