The Missing Link Between Marketers And Gen Z

by MR Magazine Staff

In the marketing world, audiences that have value to brands tend to earn their own title. For young people, their custom is so desirable we gave them two. Generation Y (AKA ‘millennials’) are currently between 25 and 39 years old and have outgrown the trappings of teenage angst, only to find themselves drowning in debt with about as much chance of owning their own home as Prince Philip has of tying his own shoelaces. Then there’s the current youth crop known as Generation Z – the newest tranche currently aged between four and 24 years old. To add context, this ‘Z list’ makes up 25% of the world’s population and, as such, shouldn’t be treated lightly. In the U.S. alone there are nearly 74 million, enough to make any Gen X marketer reach for their skateboard in a doomed effort to engage with them. Read more at Marketing Week.