The Most Stylish Menswear Move Right Now? Taking It Easy.

by MR Magazine Staff

Menswear moves like an off-kilter pendulum: Sometimes it goes forward, sometimes back—but it never returns to quite the same place. This means that the tourniquet-tight suit that used to mark you as a man of the moment now marks you as a man out of sync. Instead, guys are seeking out a clean but relaxed fit that speaks to the way we live now: informally, adventurously, and unconcerned with just-so perfection. Ready to break down old codes in the office and out. The new silhouette is about ease. It’s roomy but doesn’t revert to the circus-tent suits of the ’80s and ’90s. Pleats, for example, have made a comeback, but not the baggy pants that used to go with them. Rather, tiny half-inch pleats (or a drawstring waist, which has the same effect) give space at the thigh but taper down from the knee. It’s a new world of comfort for men who thought their trouser legs had to be stuffed like sausage casings to look current. Elsewhere, makers have loosened the shape and structure of the blazer. Still more have flirted with athleisure. And major strides are being made to ensure your clothes feel softer and more luxurious without cutting corners on elegance. Read more at Esquire.