The New Rules of Work Clothes

I remember my first keynote speech for a major Fortune 50 financial institution. I wanted to make a powerful first impression, so I went to Nordstrom and spent 10% of my speaking fee on Jimmy Choo shoes that would “demonstrate my business success.” I’ve since worn those black stilettos on stages around the world. And while they do indeed make me feel strong and powerful, they also hurt my feet.

The business dress code is evolving. A recent Wall Street Journal article acknowledged the “workplace Wild West,” and Manhattan menswear store owner Ken Giddon discussed the uncertainty on NPR:

Now “the operative word is confusion…People really don’t know what to do.” With offices opening back up, [Giddon] has noticed folks are less certain about what to wear. “Do you wear dress slacks to work? Do you wear khakis? Can you wear jeans?” he said. “Nobody really has drawn the line, and nobody really knows what the right answer is.”

Have you been rethinking your work attire as you transition back into the office, but you’re worried about what others will think? Here are a few steps to try if you’re considering changing things up. Read more at Harvard Business Review