The Next Shoe You Buy Should Be A Cozy One

by MR Magazine Staff

With about a month of summer left, it’s about time to start dialing in your fall footwear rotation. Of course, everything you’ve worn this summer might make that tough. Did you cop a pair of fancy new-wave sandals, or some next-level pool slides? Are you now so acclimated to levels of supreme comfort that the thought of wearing sneakers or boots ever again makes you wince? We get it. Luckily enough, when it is finally cool enough to wear sweatpants again, you’ve got plenty of non-foot-mashing options. Cozy footwear sometimes gets a bad rap, but thanks to a new collaboration from Concepts and Birkenstocks, and some new colorways of a Teva staple, you can carry summertime comfort straight into fall. Start with the reigning king of German orthopaedia: it’s been a big couple years for Birkenstock. The longtime shoemakers wooed the fashion crowd with a coveted partnership with the dark lord of men’s fashion, Rick Owens. And the brand’s newish EVA sandals (which sell for only $40, a fraction of the cost of its leather and suede counterparts) have been a bonafide hit in the mass market. Read more at GQ.