The North Face Grows “Clothes the Loop” Program

by Elise Diamantini

NorthFace-150x150The North Face announced today, April 20, that it will expand its “Clothes the Loop” recycling program from 10 locations to all 83 U.S. North Face retail and outlet stores. The program encourages consumers to bring in old goods and the company will “extend the life cycle of apparel and footwear by reusing items or reverting them to basic materials used for new product manufacturing.”

Since its 2013 launch, Clothes the Loop has recycled more than 14,540 pounds (7.27 tons) of apparel and footwear; the company’s goal 2015 goal is to recycle more than 100,000 pounds.

“We’re committed to creating responsible products – both in how we design them, and also in how long they last,” said Adam Mott, director of sustainability for The North Face, in a statement. “We’re expanding Clothes the Loop to help find a second life for pre-owned apparel and footwear that might otherwise go to waste. We hope this campaign gets people thinking about the life cycle of the products they buy and how they can take simple steps to help protect our environment.”