The Oscars 2023 Best Actor Category is a Menswear Masterclass

Picking an outfit for a big occasion can be hard, whether it be your first day at a new job, a date you’ve been looking forward to, or that mission to destroy an enemy uranium plant by flying your fighter jet to near-certain death. Luckily for the kind of people who indulge in the latter – read: movie stars – there’s usually a costume designer around to help out. These experts painstakingly pick garments that give you a greater insight into a character’s psyche. Remember White Lotus? Portia’s quarter-life crisis was echoed with a wardrobe of chaotically-paired prints and Y2K silhouettes. Even in the The Last of Us, Ellie’s badge-covered backpack shows her hope (or naivety) that one day, she’ll be living in a world where her biggest stress will be more tweenhood-related than apocalyptic. Read more at Esquire

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