The Pandemic Changed The Way We Work. 15 CEOs Weigh In On What’s Next

The shutdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic forced Corporate America to embark upon a massive work-from-home experiment that presented many unknowns: How do we keep workers safe? Can we stay productive? What’s the best way to communicate and collaborate? How long will we be out of the office? A year and a half later, corporate leaders have learned some valuable lessons. One big takeaway: flexibility. Expecting workers to commute to the office five days a week will largely be a thing of the past at many companies – at least for now. While some companies will embrace a fully remote model, others are opting for a hybrid work plan that gives employees more control over their schedules while still maintaining some in-person office time. And, of course, there are some companies that want everyone back in the office. Still, it’s a work in progress. And company leaders will need to fine-tune their strategies as they take on new challenges, like employee burnout, a tightening labor market and the prospect of new Covid-19 variants. Read more at CNN Business.