The Pandemic Has Changed Consumer Preferences – It’s All About Health And Comfort Now

After months of working from home many of us have adopted new habits. Some dived into home cooking, while others tuned in to YouTube and Instagram workouts, and nearly everyone mastered the Zoom look – comfortable on the bottom, stylish on the top. In this new reality comfort, wellness and health are becoming a bigger priority for consumers and are driving their purchase decisions. Consumers are becoming more cautious about their spending habits and are prioritizing purchases in essential categories. While the fashion industry at large is going through tough times, not all the categories have been impacted the same way. According to McKinsey’s State of Fashion report, the industry overall is likely to contract by 27-30% in 2020 compared with the 2019 baseline figure. Meanwhile, sportswear, activewear, and loungewear are emerging as the winners in this tough battle for survival. Read more at Forbes.