The Pivot Towards Local: The Biggest Change To Impact Retail Is Being Driven By Us And We Didn’t Even Realise

Long before the COVID-19 coronavirus hit the world, there were plenty of initiatives active which had the sole intention of encouraging us all to shop locally, with our independent retailers. But even as we went into lockdown, possibly the most dramatic trend to ever hit retail was still lying dormant in our minds. But as we all created our Zoom and Teams accounts, put our office outfits to the back of the wardrobe and became familiar with working from home, the reality of what was happening gradually began to dawn on us. The stunning realisation first from bosses, who had always shunned working from home because they couldn’t keep a track on their workforce, and then from the workers who quickly adapted to their new normal and wondered why, for years, they’d subjected themselves to the daily commute. Read more at Forbes.