The Plain Truth: Uniqlo Boss Tadashi Yanai Explains His Plans For World Domination

by MR Magazine Staff

As he approaches old age, Tadashi Yanai, the most successful businessman in Japan at an estimated worth of about $15.4 billion, has a few more goals yet to meet. Nothing too taxing: merely to make his clothing-retail company the biggest in the world – it is currently the fourth – with the soundest ethical values, that’s all. Last year he set his manufacturing and retail company, Fast Retailing, which owns the clothing brand Uniqlo, the adrenalin-inducing target of five trillion yen ($44 billion) per year sales by the year 2020. And yet biggest is not enough. The older Yanai gets, the more heart he wants to put into his business. ‘I’m quite old now. My life is ending, and before I die I have to do something,’ he tells me with more levity than these words might suggest. ‘What we say and what we do need to be equal. This is the most important thing.’ Read more at The Telegraph.