The Quiz Daddy Is Now Running a Vintage Shop in Los Angeles

A sandwich board outside the door of the Santa Monica shop reads, “Support a Dork-Owned Business.” A vibrant sign reading “QDC” with an outline of a suited man in equally psychedelic colors welcomes you into a store bursting at the seams with vintage gear. Circular racks of sports memorabilia and old band tees crowd the room, while ball caps pour out of cabinets. One section highlights old Seinfeld gear, while another is dedicated to decades-old MLB All-Star game merch. A hamster named Pippen (after Scottie) snoozes in a cage atop one of the shelves. Near the checkout counter is Buscemi, a small dog who shares their namesake’s bulging eyes. Manning the store is a familiar face: Scott Rogowsky, best known as the Quiz Daddy. He earned that nickname, of course, during his firecracker run as the host of HQ Trivia, the phone-based trivia game that made Rogowsky a star overnight. He turned his quiz hosting experience into a job hosting a baseball show, only for that to dry up when the pandemic wrecked the 2020 baseball season. Now, he’s selling “quality vintage gear,” his signage promises, out of his own shop. Read more at GQ.