The Renaissance Of Coded Luxury

In the final days of 2021, right on the heels of the holiday shopping season, Bottega Veneta quietly rolled out a new advertising campaign. Called “Bottega for Bottegas,” the campaign moved the focus away from fashion for the time being—and instead, put a spotlight on some local Italian goods and products. It was a nice way to support small businesses as yet another wave of Covid-19 threatened the existence of mom-and-pop stores. But there also seemed to be another motive within the Milanese brand’s plan. Following the quick and drama-filled exit of former creative director Daniel Lee, who steered the brand toward a more celebrity-focused direction until his departure in November 2021, it seemed Bottega’s new campaign functioned as a step back from the hype. It felt like a reminder to consumers—the storied label is much more than just a producer of the influencer-loved Pouch bag. Bottega Veneta comes from a long history of Italian craftsmanship and care, just like the products they’re now promoting. Read more at W Magazine.