The Return of Flared Pants Was Inevitable

The return of flared pants isn’t just inevitable — it’s already happening. That’s what I’m here to tell you today. I know that, for many of you out there, this is categorically bad news. A few others may feel a sense of ambivalence about the whole issue. Fewer still will be genuinely excited. 

But the other thing I’m here to tell you is that the last group has it right. This isn’t a bad thing. This could even be a good thing. I realize that might sound entirely wrong to you. I get it. I remember Y2K fashion. I remember the “bootcut” jeans that clung to thighs but pooled — gigantic, far bigger than you need for a boot — over Etnies sneakers. It was way, way worse than everyone on TikTok would have you believe. But amidst the trash-heap of bedazzled pockets, terrifyingly tiny rises, and woefully ill-informed wash treatments, there was a nugget of goodness in those pants we wore all those years ago. Read more at Esquire.