The Rucker Brand Celebrates 75th Anniversary With New Collection For Black History Month

The Rucker Brand isa staple in street basketball culture through its popular basketball tournament, which has seen the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. Raking in just under $9 million in sales annually during its heyday, The Rucker is finding news ways to make itself relevant.

For its 75th anniversary, The Rucker Brand is honoring the legacy of founder Holcombe Rucker while reintroducing the world to its streetwear clothing line. After co-owners and co-CEOs Chris Rucker (grandson of Holcombe Rucker) and Dexter Gordon put integrity first and walked away from their lucrative partnership with Stall & Dean, the 100% Black-owned business is betting on themselves and relaunching the apparel line for the third time. Read more at Black Enterprise.