The Secret Weapon for Trendy Startups Like Glossier And The Wing: Retro Logos

by MR Magazine Staff

Like many great startup origin stories, the one for Love Billy!–a New York-based direct-to-consumer clothing brand–begins at a party. It was 2015, there really was a Billy, and Candice Pool Neistat thought it’d be funny to wear a T-shirt emblazoned with his name for his birthday. She found iron-on felt letters just like those her mother used in the 1980s. And a logo for a booming business was born. Love Billy! is far from the only such company going retro when it comes to the crucial task of choosing a font. A slew of buzzy startups–including Glossier’s extra-saturated Glossier Play, home-goods company Buffy, and Great Jones, which markets a line of colorful cookware–are doing the same. All of which represent a notable antithesis to the starker sans-serif letterforms ubiquitous among well-known, carefully designed DTC brands from Warby Parker to Outdoor Voices, and nearly all big tech firms (think: Uber and Facebook). Read more at Inc.